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A Result-Oriented SEM Agency in Qatar

Paid search is one of the most effective means to target and engage with potential customers. A good SEM agency in Qatar can help you properly manage your campaigns by utilizing your ads budget for the best results. Our expert team at Altair helps businesses turnabout underperforming SEM campaigns besides building entirely new campaigns from scratch. We help you get the required ROI to take your business to the next level.

Why Altair is one of the leading SEM Agencies in Qatar?

We work with clients in a host of different industries, with expansive ad budgets, providing exemplary SEM Services in Qatar. Our SEM campaigns are always curated with the user experience in mind, thereby securing a direct path towards conversion.

We manage all aspects of your campaign, including strategy, landing page design, content creation, conversion optimization, and everything else required for a successful campaign.

Our SEM Agency is adept at crafting conversion-based search engine marketing campaigns. We construct, implement, test and continuously analyse campaign data in order to optimize performance. We are result-oriented, so whether we are building a new campaign or taking over an existing one, we focus on conversions, not only clicks.

How We Work as an SEM Company in Qatar

Research and Campaign Strategy

The first step for our SEM team starts with our team performing an in-depth analysis of your business and the products or services you sell. We then carry out a thorough PPC audit by analyzing your current SEM campaigns and competitor analysis to gauge what your competition is doing. We also research and choose the most relevant and cost-efficient keywords, both regular and long-tail keyword inclusions.

Accurate Targeting

The emphasis of our approach is to use Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) for keywords that drive 80%-90% of the traffic. This allows us to get you more targeted traffic than other SEM agencies. This results in Search ads that are customized to the keyword being searched. We also make use of niche keywords to further improve our SEM campaigns and reach your audience. Also, for display and retargeting campaigns, we probe the specific sites that are frequently visited by your target audience.

Customized Landing Pages

Conversion optimized landing pages are vital for a successful SEM campaign which is why we cover them as part of our SEM Services. The landing pages we create provide finer branding, content and message-match with ads. We utilize the “dynamic keyword insertion” technique through which we can change the headlines and other essential content on the pages dynamically, based on trending keywords being searched by users related to your business.


As an SEM agency, our prime focus is on creating and optimizing conversion-based SEM campaigns. We are meticulous when it comes to testing custom landing pages, ads, offers, etc. in order to consistently improve conversion rates. We also optimize campaigns based on key attributes—keywords, ads, devices, landing pages, campaigns, targeting, etc., that lead up to reliable leads and sales.

Analytics and Reporting

Data is what drives our SEM services. We track and analyse data across all channels and campaigns that we manage. We constantly monitor campaigns and refine our strategies to get the best ROAS and an increase in overall campaign effectiveness. We provide elaborate monthly reports that will give you a breakdown of performance and insights. These insights will include tweaks in strategy for our ad campaigns, as well as suggestions that we believe would generate results.

Let’s Talk!

If your current SEM agency only gets you traffic, but not conversion, then you’re selling yourself short. Leave it on us to do the grunt work for getting the conversion rate and cost per conversion to work in your favour. We constantly tweak and improve our strategy to get you the best results.

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