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Is Marketing online the right way forward?

Can you remember a time, when you never came across advertising?

Even as toddlers, we were exposed to advertisements in some form or the other – be it via the radio, the television or just word of mouth.
Advertising is the fuel to any business’ propulsion. Earlier, volume spoke- An advertisement could only be viral only if distributed in bilk. But now the audiences have grown to become more complex and diverse hence adding different parameters and variables to the advertising formula. A formula that every company plays around within their own capacity to gain the maximum benefits from it.

It is safe to assume, that every company builds its marketing campaign on the four P’s of marketing, hence a rough base formula for all companies to work with- would be something like,

Marketing Strategy=Product+ Placement +Promotion +Price

While the Product and Price is completely dependent on the company itself, the Placement and Promotion are what advertising firms like us play around with.

While there has been leaps and bounds of changes in the product category over the years, but it is only the Placement and the Promotion parameter that has drastically modified over the past 5 years.

As technology has picked up, we have become surrounded with digital screens. A platform loved dearly by marketers. And with the traditional modes of marketing such as radio, print etc- losing their conversion ratios, in the past five years, Social Media has taken a more central role in advertising. This is one of the triggering reasons as to why marketing firms in Qatar are now transforming and adapting themselves to become a Digital Marketing Agency in Qatar.

The concept of Digital Marketing is fairly still new in the Qatari market and businesses are yet to be educated about their benefits. A challenge that we were quite aware of when we choose to conform with the changing trends of the marketing industry. But the tag of a Digital Marketing Agency in Qatar comes with a few myths. Many usually just assume that its boundaries only include social media. But the fact that even SEO, email marketing and Google AdWords are a part of it are yet to be known to many. But the shift from the traditional forms of marketing to a digital one has not only been beneficial to the customers, but it has also aided the marketing agencies such as us, to better target and communicate with our audience.

The biggest benefit of marketing on digital platforms is Data. Data on how your target audience has been behaving, their purchase patterns and trends, their interaction with your brand, their conversion into loyal customers via re-marketing are just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits that the data produces.

For the first time in history, marketing efforts can now be measured down to which platform and at what time of the day your audience has interacted with your brand. With data being generated from the grass roots of audience behaviour, marketing agencies are harnessing this data to identify the correct target audiences for their clients and are ensuring that their client’s brands are always visible in sight of their target audience.

Earlier one could only guess as to why their marketing efforts hadn’t reaped its benefits. But now with instant data being generated on the marketing efforts, we can constantly monitor and optimize our efforts to attain our marketing goals.

With digital marketing in place, brands are now able to identify customers at different stages of their conversion funnel and re-market to them. This has helped brands to grow their audience in large numbers.

With more and more brands and businesses, no matter their size, now are adapting to go digital with their marketing efforts. It is safe to say that digital marketing is not just a passing trend rather it is a wagon that one must jump onto since it is the one moving into the future. If you are sceptic of digital marketing, you may not be convinced right away by just reading and researching about it, you will have to experiment with it to know what benefits you reap. That is why we suggest you give a go with any of the digital marketing agency in Qatar and see the benefits of it by yourself!

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